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India master franchise program

You could be a global brand seeking entry to India. The Indian sub-continent is a medley of cultures which vastly differ from one region to the other.

You could be a global brand seeking entry to India. The Indian sub-continent is a medley of cultures which vastly differ from one region to the other. In such a scenario it is almost next to impossible to apply a ‘one size fits all’ strategy. We have worked with 100’s of global brands and have helped them understand the demands and needs of the market. If you have decided to enter this market, we can help you achieve your goals.

We have a master franchise program under which we have a full-fledged 10 step schedule that will allow you a methodical entry into the country. This begins with entry into the country and involves processes like finalizing the franchise and also designing and implementing training modules.

We look at working closely with all international brands seeking India presence. They could benefit from our network contacts and use us as a single umbrella under which they could establish their business in India. We will provide you with strategic, legal, recruitment, training, support and all other functions that you may seek whilst you establish your business in India.

We have an elaborate section developed exclusively for international franchisers and have covered most of the important requirements you may have. Each of the topics below has been elaborated in their specific sections as we have given a very small introduction. You may want to read each one completely before reaching out to us.

Foreign Companies Seeking India Entry

As we have mentioned before, the diversity present in every day India can get overwhelming even for someone who has spent their whole life here. So, if you are a foreign company seeking entry into the country, we understand how difficult adapting could be for you. Keeping this in mind it is extremely crucial for a company seeking entry into India to adapt the business model accordingly. We can take you through the steps (actually 10 of them) one at a time to help you establish your goal successfully.

Master Franchise Agreement India

Most international brands have their own master franchise agreements, however, they are not enforceable in India and have to be redone to suit Indian laws. There are several legal compliances which companies have to adhere to and we at Franchisingroots can help you through these legal compliances.

Master Franchise Show India

We conduct a 5 city discovery day program which is like a master franchise show tour across the country wherein potential candidates who have shown interest are introduced to the franchisor. We have a ready database which we use to reach out to serious prospects seeking master franchises.

Franchise Territory Mapping India

One of the most important factor in deciding the master franchise package is the size of the territory that one has to define and the cost of that size. Should you give away the entire country as one master franchisee? Should you have region wise franchises or state wise or probably city wise? Also once you appoint master franchises, smaller units have to be divided for territorial demarcations.

Country Analysis India

India may seem very daunting and large to an outsider. Everybody is looking at its population and growth story and wants a piece of the pie. In such a case the right understanding of competition is important as behaviour, consumption pattern and many other factors define consumption.

Franchise Industry Statistics

Unlike developed countries there is limited statistics that is available for the franchise industry in a credible format. We can help clients understand the numbers from a ground perspective as we have the tools to help you understand your market dynamics.